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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

seharian with them!!~

ari neh best je dpt jln2 ngn my 2nd fmly kt k.l,,hehe..best2..p shoping2 n p mkn2..i dpt kasut bru, adiah dr ayah angkat..hehe,,thanks!!..dpt lah gnti ksut i yg dh 2psg ilg kt umh sewa i sem neh..hihi..td p mam cheesy pops pizza,,cdp2..melatak smpai gemox pewot..ha,,nk mkn sgt..mkn puas2!!..p ronda2 shah alam..adui,,pnt sgt dh..pewot dh kyg,,kaki dh pnt..mlm bru smpai umh..memg best jln2 ngn diowg,,sporting habes!!~..luv u all..<3

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